Taking a Break from Blogging

One day I looked up and I had only posted twice since April of 2014.  The reason is simple: it no longer feels safe.  The number of Trolls looking to make a huge deal of social media missteps has grown exponentially since I first began blogging.  The number of companies with policies against social media missteps has grown, and those policies carry real consequences.  Finally, I used this blog for communications with the Thomas Nelson workforce of which I am no longer a leader or member.  The combination of these factors makes blogging all risk and no benefit.

The dilemma for me personally is that my old content, my "backlist" as we would say in publishing, still gets several hundred to a couple of thousand hits per month.  One day last month I had 700+ hits on an old article in one day.  There seems to be "an" audience, but not one I have been able to successfully define.  But again, unless I were to try and monetize that audience and make a living blogging, the risk to my other pursuits outweighs any benefit of just getting my opinion off my chest.

So, for the time being, I am off the air.  There will be a time in the future when I can say what I wish without concern.  When that happens, if there is an identifiable audience and enough demand, I'll go back to adding regular content.  Until that time I will leave the old content up for whomever wishes to see it.

In the meantime, if you have HR questions in general, or questions about any of my backlist, feel free to drop me an email at my public address, jimthomason@bellsouth.net.

All the best,



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