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Benefits for Care Givers

Health information has never been more readily available.  However what you hear about and what people need is often two different things.  Wed MD's Top Searches for 2011 have, so far, been Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms (Steve Jobs), Listeria (tainted cantaloupe), and Bullying (hot topic in the media). What people most struggle with, however, are the basic life balance issues and stresses that revolve around care giving. A recent Gallup study showed that one in every six employees in America is a care giver for a minor, ill or aged family member.  Before you draw any quick gender conclusions, 46% of those are men and 54% women.  If you slice the data by age and income, the numbers increase to one in five for middle aged and older employees and those earning middle income and below. The importance of this study, other than the human need, is that these care givers miss an average of 6.6 days per year in call-in, care-giving-related activities.  The lost productivity and paid time o