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Lost My Fear of Retirement

This week Vonnie and I have been segregating and packing things for the apartment in Indianapolis.  I now know where a lot of what I've made has gone over the years: I believe that we must have about three of everything.  It has felt a lot like what a divorce must be like in trying to decide which pizza cutter stays here and which one goes to Indiana.  Who get the toaster and the blender?  Those mugs aren't going anywhere because they were mine before we married, etc... At this point I can't help but reflect on what I've learned from three months between jobs.  Among the most enlightening is that I have lost my fear of retirement. For years I haven't placed much stock in retirement. I can't ever, and I mean ever , see myself rocking on the back porch and doing nothing.  Neither of us have ever seen ourselves sitting in our respective recliners staring at each other for the last several years of our lives.  Because of that I've never put much stock into

Coming out of Transition: The Details

I received confirmation today that I can announce details of my next job.  Beginning Monday November 26th I will start working for Life Care Services, a division of LCS out of Des Moines, IA.  I will assume the position of Regional Director of Human Resources working out of their regional office in Indianapolis. Life Care Services is in the Senior Living industry and owns and/or operates Continuous Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) in the Midwest and west coast.  I will be responsible for 30 - 35 of these communities, each with its own HR Manager, and also helping to bring new communities on board as we grow.  I will relocate to Indianapolis during the Thanksgiving weekend. This position involves a lot of travel which is similar to jobs I've done in the past.  My cell number and personal email will remain the same so those of you who have that information can continue to contact me like you always have.  Once I have a company email address I will put that out on Twitter and m