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How We Operate in HR

One of the biggest drawbacks to corporate work is that, if you're not careful, you develop narrow corporate vision. You get so busy with projects and deadlines that the things that get short changed are usually visiting with you in all the buildings and workplaces. After all, that doesn't give us an immediate return, and we have all these looming deadlines. First thing you know, you've lost touch on certain issues. One of those, and it came home to me this past week, is that we assume that everyone knows some fundamental rules about how we operate in HR regarding issues that come to our office. After all, we all know these rules, and the people who work in our same building and that we see every day know them, and our friends know them, so doesn't everyone? Well, no, and so I want to say this plainly and explicitly for those of you who may not know. 1. Who Can Come to HR? Anyone! You don't have to go through your supervisor, you don't have to get permission,