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Summer of Space Projects

This is shaping up to be a summer of major projects in the Facilities part of our group.  We're making good investments in providing a safer work environment for our warehouse team and keeping our Nashville operations all on one campus.  This includes adding air conditioning to the areas of the Distribution Center where about 80% of our people work, moving the Library Archive to the DC, moving our Design and Multimedia Group into the current Library space, moving the Remainder Sales showroom into the existing DMM production room, and reconfiguring the current DMM space as growth space for new office positions. The Cap-X was approved last week and these projects are rolling out as follows: This week modular walls are being delivered to the warehouse to build the new Library Archive space.  This self-contained, climate-controlled room will be heat and humidity controlled to protect this very important company asset.  This space should be ready for the Library assets between June

One To Go

A year ago this past weekend 11 families in the Thomas Nelson workforce experienced flood damage to the extent that their homes were, at least temporarily, unlivable.  Four had to be almost completely rebuilt.  One in particular, the home of Mark and Yvette Cowden, had to be bulldozed after it took Metro months to decide if they could rebuild or not. This past week construction finally began and is progressing quickly.  Yvette recently had a baby and this family has been in an apartment with their lives on hold for a year.  When construction ends, which looks like late this month, we'll want to partner with them for whatever they might need such as moving, landscaping, etc... This will conclude our flood relief efforts. Of our 11 families not one received a dime of aid from We Are Nashville or the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee or the Red Cross.  Even though some applied, none was given.  I personally will never give money to CFMT or the Red Cross again, especially gi