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Yes, There is a Scott Agthe

Scott Agthe is a labor attorney with whom I have worked for 15 years. We started working together when I opened up new facilities in El Paso for my Japanese employer at the time.  He was a labor attorney with one of two major law firms in that city. Scott and I worked together on the opening of a warehouse/material services center and a wire mill.  Later he moved to Austin to join a regional law firm and continued to service my needs from there.  Later I moved on to Thomas Nelson and, with a Texas operation in Plano, Scott continued to take care of my needs in that market. Scott and I have worked complex cases together and have always been successful. We've beaten back bogus EEOC claims, phony worker's compensation claims, and consulted on the whole array of labor issues.  We know each other's voice and no longer have to say, "This is Jim" or "This is Scott". We know our kids ages and send each other a little something at Christmas. But last night