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New Faces for Summer

Its been an interesting Spring in HR and promises to be an even more interesting Summer. We started off with an unexpectedly early maternity leave, followed by an expected and amicable resignation, followed by hiring a new staff member, and soon to be followed by a leave of absence before everyone comes back to work full-time in late July or early August. Since there are new faces, and some old faces in new places, here's an update on who's doing what in HR for the summer. First the easy stuff: Jack Leichty is still covering general HR issues as my #2 as well as leaves of absence, HR support for Service and Operations, the News Flash, and of course those all-important and ever-popular Lost and Found emails. Jack Kristie Cantrell still carries the majority of our recruiting load, handling all postings and recruiting for all parts of the company except Service and Operations and Live Events: Kristie From here down the fun starts. Amy Lindsey, who is in charge of payroll, compen

Bad Logic and Equal Pay

I am absolutely in favor of equal pay for equal work. I am also aghast at what passes for scientific study and logic when groups and publications report on this topic. I've been considering a blog post on the subject for some time, but today received a link to a post that covers the subject thoroughly. I can't say this any better and so offer up to you the following: Jim