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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Periodically Check the Calendar

When were your attitudes formed, and where?  By whom?  Are they still relevant today?

These are questions you should ask yourself periodically, especially as you (1) get older and (2) work in one organization over time.

Lately I've run into several examples of this.  I don't know if it is circumstance or because lately I've personally made some changes, but I'm noticing outdated attitudes in others. My favorite comment of late is, "Open Outlook and check the calendar; its not that year anymore."

In this position you hear all manner of things, very few of which I can repeat.  In general I see occasional perceptions about "how things are" that are 10 years behind reality.  The occasional turf battle that arose out of fear based on something that happened years ago. The occasional person who is afraid for their supervisor to know that they came to HR, as if their right to come here for anything at any time hasn't been a matter of policy for 10 years. 

The old saying goes, "What got you hear won't get you there."  Some experience is wisdom, some is prejudice, and some is laziness.  You can't just repeat what's always worked and expect that it always will.  Knowing what to keep and what to throw out is a nuance that we all must master to sustain a lifelong career.

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