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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire Someone Just Released from Thomas Nelson

This past Friday was "it" for some really good people in the Service and Ops departments of Thomas Nelson.While this is certainly not the first or the last reduction happening in the wake of the Harper purchase of  Nelson, it is one of the more significant.  If you own a business, manage a business unit for someone else, or know someone who is hiring you should grab one or more of these folks and soon.  Here is why:

1.  This is a shut down of whole departments, not a "thinning of the herd"- Harper has an operations center in Scranton, PA and is shutting down some Nashville support departments.

2.  These people have been carefully vetted prior to Harper's acquisition - During the recession years we executed 6 rounds of staff reductions across all divisions.  Since then the organization has done little hiring in support areas.  Each of the people being released this week were reviewed multiple times and deemed to be the strongest players.

3.  These people could have found jobs elsewhere before now but did not want to leave - Thomas Nelson was a special place to work.  Most of these people have been with the company 20 - 35 years; this was their family and they had hoped to find other positions right up to the time they left.

4.  They all still worked - We ran a lean service and ops group and there was no place on board for slackers.  Nobody you interview from this group will have been retired on active duty, even after 35 years.

5.  They are good "people" - Part of the vetting process both in annual reviews and reductions in force was congruence with Nelson's Core Values.  You can't do better in terms of hiring solid citizens who will never embarrass your business.

Please help distribute this post around Nashville.  Depending upon which social media outlet you find this post, "like", "retweet", "comment" or send up a smoke signal to your followers.  Everyone who needs to hire good people should know that they have a rare opportunity to pick up people who should not be on the market were it not for this merger.