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Friday, April 15, 2011

Off the Aggregator

This morning I asked Lindsey Nobles, who reluctantly agreed, to take my blog and twitter feeds off the Thomas Nelson blog aggregator and website.  If you wish to read it you will still find it here but it won't be listed as a Nelson blog.

My intention in this blog has been to use it as a tool for (1) employee communication and (2) HR tech-talk. The former of these was successful but can be accomplished through internal email or the occasional link-out to a specific post here.  The latter has been problemmatic and is why I chose to make this change.

The big issues changing the HR landscape and about which we need to talk shop are changes in employee lifestyles,  immigration, changing demographics, and the changing religious landscape not just in our country but right here in our community.  The labor pool locally and nationally is growing more non-white, less married, less Christian (either secular or Muslim in particular) and more multi-lingual. How HR departments and employers select candidates and deliver professional services within both the American legal framework and Christian values will change to reflect the new reality. How we go about this change, what tools and techniques we use, is something about which I'd like to talk shop.

The problem with that intention is that sometimes people outside the company draw broad conclusions about Thomas Nelson's policies or values based upon my opinions.  Sometimes these are one in the same, but often times they are not.  Separating my opinion from the Nelson platform seems to me the wisest approach to facilitate an honest conversation while not becoming a distraction to our company.

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Lindsey Nobles said...

I understand and still look forward to hearing what you've got to say!