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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why I've Not Blogged and What's Next

After posting almost daily I've been silent for about a couple of weeks.  Since my last post we've been at the individual counseling stage for employees making important and sometimes difficult benefits choices.  I've also been to Texas to do the same for our Live Events workforce.  The days have been too full to allow much blogging time.

I've also been avoiding topics other than Open Enrollment until April 1st.  We have been using this blog as a place to post FAQ-type information for Thomas Nelson's benefits plans.  This has driven traffic to the blog.  Because of this I've shied away from op-ed pieces; I don't want anyone thinking that I've driven them to my blog so they could be exposed to my opinions on one topic or another.

After April 1st I hope to get back to regular posts on more general workplace topics as our benefits enrollment deadline will have passed.  I may also have one more post on the CAN-DO ordinance before Metro Council, as its Final Reading is April 5th.

Meanwhile, if you're a Nelson employee, remember that Monday, March 28th is the deadline for your benefits decisions.  You legally have until the 31st and we'll honor elections up until that time, but it takes 2-3 days to get your elections in the system and your coverage will start a few days late.

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