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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Are We Moving the Book Archive?

While plans are not yet finalized, the word appears to be out that we're planning on moving the company's archive to space in the warehouse building.  All manner of speculation ranging from dead-right to ridiculous has made its way around the building.  I'll take responsibility for not getting out ahead of this story; it is a proverb in HR and PR that if you fail to tell your story someone will tell it for you, facts or no facts.  So what's the real story?

We are out of space. 

With the recession-era move of all offices into the Corporate building, and subsequent subleasing of our other spaces, we are committed to one location for our publishing operations.  We are about to embark on a new budget year with less than five spaces left in our building.  When the new budget year rolls around on April 1st we will begin to receive requisitions to hire those approved positions and we have no place for them to go.

Our options were to reduce all cubicles down to 6x8, making more work spaces in this building by cramming people closer together and cutting down on the amount of counter and file space for every person.  We eliminated that idea as too disruptive and detrimental to the work environment.

We could lease more space.  This is not only unacceptably expensive, but it reverses the operational advantages we gained from having Publishing, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Administration in one building. 

Our other option was to look for something to move out of this building.  This building houses people, storage, archives and equipment.  Much of our storage is in rooms where we can't put people, including our mechanical rooms.  The building HVAC and servers can't move, and we're not splitting our team. That leaves the archive, which can go anywhere so long as we provide the correct humidity and temperature.

There is more to be determined and written about this at a later date as decisions are made.  For now its sufficient to articulate what we're doing and why.  Questions and comments are, as always, welcome.

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