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Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Transition: First Installment

A little over two weeks ago I received the news that I wouldn't go forward with the new Harper Collins Christian Publishing Division. As of Wednesday the 19th I'm off the payroll and will receive my lump sum severance on the 9/28 pay date. Although I now have a full-time job, finding another job, that process inevitably leaves me with time on my hands.  The question that immediately comes to mind is how best to spend it.

I spent most of yesterday helping Soles4Souls which is in the midst of a significant leadership transition.  I also spent time reading and preparing for a video interview next Tuesday.  This weekend I'm helping my dad with a recording project.  I very much believe that all things work for good, and that significant change points in your life happen for a reason.  The difference between a negative experience and a blessing is often what you do with the hand you're played.

Part of what I want to do is chronicle my transition.  Being a Human Resources professional of some 30 years I know this territory better than most. During the recession I passed the 1,000 mark in the number of people I've separated from employment during my career.  While that wasn't a happy milestone, and remember that my role is to execute the decisions of others, it does give me considerable experience to bear in my own transition in that I've watched so many others go through theirs.

The nature of mergers is that headcount is reduced.  Others will undoubtedly follow me although I have  zero details or inside information and couldn't disclose what little I know. Being one of the first as the new senior leadership team was named early in the process gives me the opportunity to be out there a little while before others.  Hopefully by showing my process, including successes and failures, I can help those who come after.

Comments are always welcome; otherwise I hope this will help someone and turn my own difficult moments into a blessing for someone else.

Peace and blessing,


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