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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Say "Stress" Like It's a Bad Thing...

Nobody likes stress.  All the typical language around that word is negative:

"Don't stress me"
"You're stressing me out"
"I'm stressed to the max"

Even the liturgy of my Church has changed to include the phrase, "...and protect us from all stress...". 

Stress is an inevitable part of life so taking the negative energy and turning it into something positive becomes an essential life skill, as well as a career skill.  Several of the Fortune 500 were founded during depressions or recessions.  People do things during stressful times out of necessity that they normally would not have done.  They get degrees and professional certifications, seek promotions, open businesses, change jobs, kick bad habits, get out of bad relationships, etc... because they got "stressed out" of their complacency.

Think of stress like you would a big snowfall.  You can either look out your window in dread, or grab your sled and go play outside. When stress comes your way, embrace it and turn it into a positive force for change.  Turn your anxiety into motivation and do something spectacular.

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