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Sunday, January 08, 2012

A Mile Marker on Gender

I'm old enough and from enough of a rural area to have grown up around some (thankfully) old ideas about how people should live. Having been born in 1960 my earliest memories of television were news coverage about the Vietnam war and the equal rights struggles of the mid to late 60's.  I heard my family and friends detestation of race and gender equality protests and legislation.  One of the difficult realities I confronted as a young man was that these people that I love so much were (and in some cases still are) wrong about so many things.

This last week I saw first-hand how far we've come regarding gender.  I had to have a series of tests and procedures at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, mostly related to a bad fall I took back in September and some lingering injury.  Every one of my doctors, nurse practitioners, and ultrasound techs were women, and the oldest was probably in her late 30's.  I received excellent, state-of-the-art care from bright young women who would not have been admitted in medical school had they graduated high school in my youth.

So maybe none of this is ground-breaking news; after all, equal opportunity has been a settled issue for how many decades now?  Still, every so often something shows me how far we've come and I take a moment to feel good about our future as a society.

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