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Monday, March 30, 2009

So You Have a New Boss...

With the recent shakeup in executive leadership it seems like half the building has a different supervisor this week. With that comes the usual anxiety, plus a little additional angst given that its happening during a time of economic travail. I both have a new boss and picked up two departments that haven't reported to me before.

While having a new supervisor can be a challenge at first, here's a few reasons not to jump off the roof.

1. Its not about you! Changes in the executive ranks ripple through an organization. You weren't assigned to a new supervisor to "straighten you out" because you're a screw-up. This has nothing to do with you so just roll with it.

2. There aren't many bad ones. The people to whom you could possibly report are whittled down to a handful of capable managers. If a manager is on our org chart they are seasoned and have a good heart. I can't think of many exceptions so whomever the "luck of the draw" threw your way, you'll be fine.

3. You're not too bad yourself. No disrespect to any of our former colleagues, but if you're still here after the year we've had you're pretty good at what you do. You can chin the bar with the new boss.

There's plenty of challenge ahead of us in this troubled economy. Stay the course and give your new supervisor, whomever that may be, a fair chance. If they ask you to prove yourself, well, just do it and don't get insulted because you've proven yourself to others before them. Once you establish trust in your new situation it will look like your old situation and life goes back to normal.

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