Rumor Patrol

I'm out of the office for a couple of days, but through the magic of modern communication I've gotten wind of a rumor running through the company. I want to give a big shout-out to our Publishing division, of which I have been critical in the past regarding rumors, as this one doesn't come from and isn't being spread by you.

I have six confirmed instances in two days of the rumor that we've had another layoff. Now this is different from all the other, "there's going to be a layoff" rumors over the past year. This one is different and goes something like this:

"I hear there's been another big layoff."
"Nobody knows how big it was because management's not talking about it."
"I hear that the Curriculum staff got fired."
"I hear that two people in the warehouse got fired."
"I hear that half the warehouse is gone."

Friends, the reason the leadership team isn't talking about "the big layoff" is that there wasn't one. We've lost two good people in sales due to slow sales and due to no fault of their own. In this economic environment this may happen from time to time as the business consolidates and the leadership team makes tough calls to keep the company profitable.

As I do with all rumor patrol posts I'll leave you with this final thought; consider who told this rumor to you (whomever that may have been) and don't believe them when they come to you with the next rumor.



Anonymous said…
You and Barney Fife: "Nip it in the bud! Nip it!" Love it. Thanks.

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