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Saturday, April 06, 2013

What I Couldn't Say at Thomas Nelson

Looking through past posts in the editing section of this blog I came across no less than 35 that I wrote and never published. A couple were withheld because they did not turn out well.  The majority, however, were self-censored because of my position at the time in religious publishing.  They aren't "sex, drugs and rock & roll" posts by any means.  They are those that I felt might offend the most intolerant of that company's stakeholders. That is no longer my concern.

I worked in Christian Publishing for over a dozen years.  During that time I met a wide variety of authors, ministers, book store owners, and end users of our product.  What I discovered was that the vast, vast majority of Christians are far more tolerant and liberal in private than they dare be in public.  There is a shrill minority of loud, intolerant bullies within the Church that punish moderation.  Within the Church there is often insufficient courage to stand up to them and so they go unchallenged. Now that these individuals hold no sway over my employment I am going to let some good posts see the light of day.

I have no intention of poking anyone in the eye or be critical or any person or company, and certainly not any former employers.  I do intend to be honest and genuine without fear. I invite you to keep reading and join in the conversation with comments back to any post that so moves you.

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Michael Hyatt said...

Can’t wait to see what you have, Jim. I may do the same. ;-)