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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Coming out of Transition: The Details

I received confirmation today that I can announce details of my next job.  Beginning Monday November 26th I will start working for Life Care Services, a division of LCS out of Des Moines, IA.  I will assume the position of Regional Director of Human Resources working out of their regional office in Indianapolis.

Life Care Services is in the Senior Living industry and owns and/or operates Continuous Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) in the Midwest and west coast.  I will be responsible for 30 - 35 of these communities, each with its own HR Manager, and also helping to bring new communities on board as we grow.  I will relocate to Indianapolis during the Thanksgiving weekend.

This position involves a lot of travel which is similar to jobs I've done in the past.  My cell number and personal email will remain the same so those of you who have that information can continue to contact me like you always have.  Once I have a company email address I will put that out on Twitter and my Linked in profile.

The very few of my friends and neighbors who knew these details have been quick to comment about this being a "for now" job or a "survival job" or just "until you can get back to Nashville."  While I really appreciate the sentiment, and believe me I love this community, I really need to emphasize how excited I am about this opportunity.

I am leveraging the fact that very few people with my experience are willing to relocate and travel so extensively against the opportunity to learn both health care and senior living.  After twelve years of headwinds in a contracting industry, working in a space that should be strong until I need assisted living is very appealing.

I still intend to maintain my ties to Nashville and to my friends from the Thomas Nelson days.  I hope to see several of you around town from time to time as my schedule and yours permits.  You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.  See you down the road.

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