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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Coming Out of Transition

While I can't release details yet, I will be coming out of transition November 26th working as a Regional Director of Human Resources for a company in Indianapolis.  I signed a contingent offer letter last week and am awaiting the criminal background check and reference checks to be completed and the contingency to be removed from the offer.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your calls and notes of encouragement, your prayers, and your friendship.  I assume that everyone who offered to be a reference for me will follow through with a positive reference, and I know my own clean background, so this should be over for me soon.  Vonnie and I will take a much-delayed 30th anniversary cruise in early November and then come back preparing for what comes next.

This job lead came from a friend whose career I had helped a few years ago.  Almost every good lead I had came from someone I had helped at some point.  This was instructive for me and I pass it along to you; if you want to prepare yourself for transition in the long term, and make friends along the way, help everyone you can.  I don't think its unchristian to believe in good karma and intend to start this next phase of my career the way I ended it; showing everyone I know everything I know and helping everyone I can.

Again, thank you one and all for everything you did to support me during this transition.


Brian Bishop said...

Congratulations, Jim. Very happy for you!!

Ms. Elaine said...

Hey Jim...this is great news! Will you be relocating or since it is a regional postion will you just commute from time to time. I am excited for you and your new opportunity...Take that cruise and relax!

Jim Thomason said...

Thanks Elaine. I will be relocating to Indianapolis right after Thanksgiving but keeping the house here since I probably can't sell it right now. I will be able to do some commuting out of Nashville when I cover the west coast. Hope things are going well for you there.

Jim Thomason said...

Thank you Brian. Hope all is well with you.