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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fire Drill October 7th

On October 7th at 2:00 we will have a fire drill for the Corporate Headquarters.  It has been a long time since we had one for this building while the warehouse has done a much better job conducting these drills. For that reason this drill will not involve the DC.

First Responders are scattered throughout the building and cover all areas.  They are also best equipped to handle any injuries should someone become injured either during a fire or exiting the building (falling down stairs, for instance).  For that reason we will ask them to take responsibility for clearing their work area.

All employees should exit the building and go to the South lot.  If you are directionally challenged (like I am) that is the lot heading towards the airport and running parallel to the warehouse.  There each employee should find their supervisor and group by divisions and determine who was in the building at the time of the alarm and if they all got out.  HR will float between divisions with a checklist to determine if everyone got out of the building.

ELT members, Facilities team, and First Responders will gather at the pump house just off the front sidewalk.  This team will be responsible for interacting with Metro and any media that might show up in the case of an actual fire.

If we do this right the drill should be over in about 10 minutes. Our goal is to have everyone out of the building within 1 1/2 to 2 minutes after the alarm, then have a headcount within 5 minutes of gathering in the South lot and reporting that back to the ELT at the pump house. 

So if you are a Nelson employee the two takeaways you should get from this drill are (1)  you should participate fully and willingly because it is done for your safety and that of your colleagues, and (2) it will only take 10 minutes of your time.

See Jack, Eric, Scott Holloway or me if you have any questions.  Otherwise help us, and yourself, by evacuating the building and quickly organizing yourselves by division.

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