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Monday, May 02, 2011

One To Go

A year ago this past weekend 11 families in the Thomas Nelson workforce experienced flood damage to the extent that their homes were, at least temporarily, unlivable.  Four had to be almost completely rebuilt.  One in particular, the home of Mark and Yvette Cowden, had to be bulldozed after it took Metro months to decide if they could rebuild or not.

This past week construction finally began and is progressing quickly.  Yvette recently had a baby and this family has been in an apartment with their lives on hold for a year.  When construction ends, which looks like late this month, we'll want to partner with them for whatever they might need such as moving, landscaping, etc...

This will conclude our flood relief efforts. Of our 11 families not one received a dime of aid from We Are Nashville or the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee or the Red Cross.  Even though some applied, none was given.  I personally will never give money to CFMT or the Red Cross again, especially given the Red Cross' similar problems with the billions it received after 9/11.  One organization that was impressive was FEMA.  While no large-scale government operation is flawless, this one was as close as I've ever seen.

None of what these organizations didn't do should overshadow what so many did accomplish.  This included individual donations from our people to the Flood Relief Fund,  weekends worked in service to neighbors,  and Abilene's South 11th and Willis Church of Christ's amazing mission week helping our people.  Those who could work did; those who couldn't cooked meals for those working; others wrote checks that made all the difference.  Some people did all three.

In the end the story of Nashville flood relief was neighbor helping neighbor, churches showing the love of Christ through service, and flooded families pressing through tough times with determination not to be victims.

Ten down and one to go; watch for information in the coming weeks on how you can help.

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