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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Appropriate Dress at Work

This shouldn't be a long epistle of a blog post. The princples are simple and straightforward and go something like this:

1. We should be dressed professionally every day at work.
2. You can wear casual clothing items and still look professional.
3. You can wear professional clothing items poorly and still look sloppy.
4. Overly revealing clothes never look professional unless you're a dancer.
5. You never know which minister, author, or customer you're going to run into.

Nobody tied you up, threw you in the trunk, and made you work here. You came to the Bible Company and asked for a job. When you get dressed in the morning make sure to remember where you work. Central Parking's customers probably don't care how CP's people dress: ours do. HCA's content providers, their doctors, probably don't care if their receptionists are half dressed. Our content providers, our authors, more than likely do.

Remember where you work. It really is that simple.

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