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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Giving Away my AA

Three weeks ago we hired an outstanding young woman to be my part-time Admin. Her name is Nubia and she has done a wonderful job very quickly. She will also leave my area in two weeks to take a full-time job at Grupo Nelson.

Early on we identified this young lady as a unique talent; bi-lingual with a degree in International Business and an intense curiosity about our business. An outstanding positive attitude didn't hurt either. I gave her an early version of our strategic planning materials to shred and she did, after reading them and coming back to ask really good questions.

When the Grupo job was posted a couple of weeks ago it became clear: she was a great hire for us, but fit the Grupo job perfectly. It was a tough decision, but we waived the six month waiting period for new-hires to post and offered her the position last Friday. In the end, the company is best served by having the right people in the right places and my job is easier to fill.

We're parting on great terms, even though this puts me back looking for an AA, part-time through the rest of this fiscal year and possibly/hopefully full-time thereafter. Candidates who speak Spanish or Vietnamese go to the head of the line so that HR can better communicate with non-English speaking groups within our company. Candidates should complete our on-line application at Meanwhile, if you see Nubia congratulate her for attaining her new role. She played her way onto the roster the old fashioned way.

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