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Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Looking for a Temp Assistant

I've never tried this before but, hey, why not.

I am currently looking for a part-time Admin for a temporary spot that could work into a full-time job. Right now I need someone about 20 hours a week who would work as my AA about half that time and spend the rest of their time working for Travel and HR doing clerical support work.

Before you ask, no, my current AA Dawn isn't going anywhere. Our work load has expanded as has Travel, and we need to slide Dawn over to help Jack in the more traditional HR work. This position would pick up some of her slack while she's working for Jack.

As to who I'm looking for, we'd like someone who has previous Assistant experience (HR is a plus but not necessary), is professional in appearance and demeanor, has good instincts (we deal with people, after all), and is service-oriented so that our internal customers are treated well.

As an added incentive to find the right person, we're okay with someone on the "Mommy track" who wants to put their kids on the bus, come to work for a few hours, and be there when they get off the bus.

This sounds like I might get 5,000 resumes, but here's the kicker. If you are bi-lingual (English + either Spanish or Vietnamese) you go to the head of the line. I'd love to use this additional resource person to improve our communications with non-bilinguals within our company and in the greater candidate pool outside our company.

Interested? Know of someone who is interested? Send me an email that acts as your cover letter to and attach your current resume. Spam, resumes with no cover letter, and candidates who don't fit the requirements go straight to trash without a reply. I'll read and reply to the rest myself.

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