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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Hiring Thaw

I've received some questions lately about our hiring freeze "thawing out". The inevitable question that follows is when the wage freeze will similarly thaw, and why we aren't giving raises yet if we're hiring. Here are the facts.

We currently have four positions posted. Three are back-fills for people who left the company or were promoted internally to other positions. One is a new position in an area that management has determined was cut back too drastically in 2008 and where lack of a position is holding us back from needed revenue.

Earlier this year we replaced one person who left with two lower-paid people for the same money. Other than that, any new faces you see around the operation are temporaries, interns, etc... We all hope for better days, and soon; meanwhile its important to note that everyone is doing more with less, not just you and your group. All the positions filled recently and all those currently posted add to the company's overhead a small fraction of what it takes to give raises.

I hope this helps. While I can't make the economy better, I can address the one insidious type of rumor that most threatens our company. The "inequity idea", that some people are getting their raises and that the company has no intention of reinstating raises for everyone else is totally false. Not only is there no proof of that, there are no facts to support it at all. The next time someone comes by your workplace to tell you that, please ask them where they got their information. I'll bet you'll get a blank stare or some vague somebody-said-that-somebody-said answer.

Finally, if you hear something that bothers you and want to know the straight of it call or come by to see me. Please don't let something bogus ruin your day.

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