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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nashville For All Of Us

I have been putting off commenting on the regrettable "English Only" initiative currently on the ballot for Nashville voters. This is an important if not critical decision for this community and I wanted to wait until I had time to get the facts right and make a compelling case. Well, a coalition of religious and business groups has formed under the name Nashville For All Of Us and they have put together a great white paper on all the reasons this initiative is wrong for the community. You can get the facts at this link:

I try to shy away from politics in this blog because my mission is a harmonious and successful workplace and political conversations work against harmony. Unfortunately, this referendum is so bad for the culture and business climate in our community that we can't sit back in our business cocoon and let bigotry kill what is one of the strongest local and regional economies in the nation. Passage of this bill, and the subsequent national and international negative press that will come with it, will insure that there will be no more Nissans relocating to our community or Volkswagen's relocating to our region.

I hope you are or soon will be taking some time off for the holidays. While off, take a few moments and read why groups as diverse as Catholic Charities, the Metro Council, and the United Steelworkers all agree that this is a terrible initiative for Nashville. Early voting starts January 2nd and I urge you to vote "No" on both questions.

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davidpleach said...

Couldn't agree more, Jim. This is the most backward, racist legislation I've ever seen. Clearly, Crafton and his cronies have never heard of the "global economy" and are clueless as to how Nashville fits into it.

If it passes, it's a reason to leave this city--none of us will be able to admit to living here when our friends call, "Do you live in THAT Nashville?" I hope everyone votes. My big fear is that this legislation will pass because the NO voters don't think it's worth leaving the house for.

THIS kind of politics you SHOULD weigh in on. If this issue isn't about Human Resources, I don't know what is.