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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day

There's a line in a song I heard several years ago that says, "All Things Work for Good has become my favorite verse". I thought about this during Father's Day week. After years of being distant my Dad and I have become close again. It started about three years ago as our daughters started attending the same college and our nests emptied simultaneously. It continued on with his urging me to take up guitar again. It solidified this past winter with the passing of his dad.
Suddenly each of us has graduated to a new role. I no longer have kids at home, and he's now the patriarch of the family. He has things he'd like to do but no longer feels up to it alone, and I find myself coming up to Kentucky more often to pick, fish, drop things off or help around his cabin. This past Father's Day week I arranged a guide on Percy Priest so he could fish for rock fish and stripes like he did during the two times he's lived in the Nashville during the 60's and 80's. He drove us all down to the Loveless Cafe for dinner the night before, then we visited until way later than we needed to. We pushed off from Elm Hill Marina at 3:45 a.m. and fished hard until 8:00, grabbed breakfast at the Stewart's Ferry Waffle House, and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company (despite having only two hours sleep!). He caught the most (10 to my 7) and I got the biggest one (15 lbs.). I would not have done this in a million years if he hadn't wanted to, and it was truly one of the best days of my life.
I'm sorry Dad didn't have his dad this year for Father's Day. I'm also sorry that his daughter was away at school for all but a few hours. But selfishly, all things truly have worked for good in that we had this time together. Its summer; if you're lucky enough to still have your dad, take him fishing (or whatever it is he likes to do). What you do isn't really the point anyway.

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