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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good Kids

I was late getting to work yesterday morning. As I turned onto Elm Hill from Donelson Pike I noticed people in the parking lots of Arby's and Backyard Burger getting out of their cars or coming out of the restaurants and literally running into the street. It was after I noticed these people that I noticed the car stalled in the middle of Elm Hill blocking both lanes. Inside were a young mother, an infant, and what appeared to be the grandmother. I got around the car, pulled into Arby's and joined the 7 or 8 people who by then had pushed the vehicle into the parking lot and together we pushed it into the parking space the next to mine. When the pushing stopped and people stood up straight I noticed that I was, by far, the oldest person in the group. Ouch...

Heading on the office I thought of how often we hear that the world is going straight to hell. Values are lost, younger generations are no good, we're in a post-Christian culture, yadda, yadda, yadda.... To all that I offer a diverse group of young Good Samaritans; some white, one black, one Latino, men and women, some wearing cross pendants, who ran out into traffic and let their egg biscuits get cold, working together to help complete strangers. Way to go next gen.


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